Liquid Leaven FL60

The Liquid leaven. Ferliq allows creating and maintaining a master liquid dough at ideal temperature, being able of controlling the physical parameters acting on the fermentation, this way these equipments are growing in popularity becouse of the use of liquid leaven in bread making shortens the dough mixing time, improves the quality of the dough and the bread crumb structure and achieve cost reduction in bread improvers.

Our equipments FERLIQ for liquid leaven - poolish allow the regulation and control of the fermentation temperature while agitation necessary to obtain a uniform mixture, during the hours of preparation of liquid leaven.

Once fermented dough it will start, automatically, the cooling phase that will stop the fermentation process and we will keep our liquid leaven - poolish suitable for our production phase, Thanks to the use of master dough liquid leaven, the dough is more flexible, extendable and abundant, appreciating that the bread will get a better development of the loaves baked.

Using liquid leaven we will notice an improvement in bread taste, achieving a personalized flavour (since the amount of industrial leaven is reduced) and a longer product shelf life.

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Specially designed for ease use and robust design

In all our equipments is studied especially accessibility to parts for maintenance. It has avoided the use of engines in the upper-outside of the machine by the impact that design has on the hygienic conditions of use, as well as the impact of the vapors in the life of these engines.

Liquid leaven - poolish equipment

Taps of evacuation of product

Two Taps of evacuation of product prevent errors in the amounts of master dough/liquid leaven that is collected daily and allows for an easy and complete purging during cleaning

On the front of the machine stands out 2 emptying taps, with its opening and locking mechanism (patented model)and on which, at first sight, its outlet capacity can be seen (inner tap diameter 80 mm). This taps guaraties that there is not 'died zones'

Optionally it incorporates a water counter in litres in order to help to automate the process

Ferliq FL60 it includes hybrid cooling with 2 air and water condensers that guarantee optimum performance in the most unfavourable environments. Heating is achieved with heating elements and the cooling is achieved with a cooling compressor.

Emptying of the liquid leaven equipment

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Liquid Leaven FL60

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