Melting machine for chocolate FCH30

Melting and coating machine for chocolate Frichoc FCH30 is a Melting and coating machine for chocolate with heating system by 2 bain marie (one of them dry) in closed circuit,high protection dashboard, easy regulation and quick cleaning.

Great heating power (3000 watts) which provides a fast recuperation of the temperature.

Frichoc coating belt model B240 with 3 working areas (inlet, central and outlet), is adjustable to the desired speed by an electronic speed variator according to personal and product we are using.

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The inlet and the outlet can be start up or stopped (using the clutch) to provide proper product placement to coat. The central zone has a hopper with 2 adjustable gates for the superior coating of the pieces and plated lower cuvette with an effective selectable adjustable mechanical vibration system to remove excess chocolate evenly. This work is also involved an air blower adjustable in both height position and orientation as the air flow is directed to the pieces.

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Heating equipment

Frichoc's heating system is design by 2 bain marie, one dry and other through boiler with resistance, this way we are contributing heating both the bucket's shirt and the jacketed cylinder warm(leadscrew) .

The reason for using this heating system resides in its simplicity, ease of control, stability and troubles hooting simple since a high quality single heater can heat input to all circuits of the machine. Is also heated by hot water the bucket's worktop of the melting machine.

Climbing the chocolate with the scew-spindle

The continuous transfer of the chocolate in quantities about 8/9 kg per minute, is performed by the heated helical screw-spindle 'bain marie'. This ensures a complete uniformity of product to be melted and at the same time product availability for using chocolate coating, curtain up to 400 mm. wide. All our chocolate melters have electronic speed control spindle allowing users from the control panel, adjust the amount of product to provide at all times by regulating knob on the control panel of the machine.

The electronic dashboard allows adjustment speed by frequency variation over an asynchronous three-phase motor, always ensuring full control over the parameters and switching off the unit in case of overload or few incidents may occur in the screw-spindle.

Bucket's agitator

Chocolate Movement in bucket is via agitator with a three-phase motor, activated from the electric box at fixed speed continuous and protected by the corresponding thermal relay.

Activation of bucket's agitator is controlled by a safety thermostat located in the electric switchboard of the machine and programmed at 35ºC, which prevents the equipment from starting the stirring the chocolate in bucket until it has exceeded 35ºC (temperature minimum melting).

Electrical equipment control and protection

All our machines have emergency main switch on the front and an electric box in the rear of the machine

This electric box contains the magnetic thermal protection switch that with automatic disconnection in case of overload in the system, protect the equipment from accidental overloads.The magneto-thermal remove the old fuse with remarkable safety benefits and installation service.

The speed variator, the contactors and other components located in the electrical box allow centralize the controls with the best possible access for maintenance. This variator allows controlling the enrober band motor, adjusting the belt speed to the desired production rate by the client.

Coating equipment (optional)

IMPORTANT .- We must remark that the traction unit is located inside the continuous tempering machine and it has its own mechanisms clucth to avoid, that in case of seize up the system for chocolate hardened or any similar blockade, any damage can happen in the belt.
The coating machines FRICHOC are manufactured with conveyor belt of stainless steel wire AIS1304,that slides along several stainless steel rails to tracks made at the same material supported by anodized aluminum plates, supporting all transmission components, clutches and protections to get best coating in our production.

Equipo de bañado de la bañadora de chocolate
One the remarkable features of our coating machine is its ease way of assembly between modules, and between them and the continuous tempering machine, this way without any electrical component, will allow us disassemble the coating machine without using any tool and being able cleaning the parts inside a dishwasher.

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    Melting machine for chocolate Frichoc

Melting machine for chocolate FCH30

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