Cooling Tunnel for chocolate 3M

The cooling tunnel for chocolate ensures an artisanal automation with an exponential increase in production getting quick drying and solving the problematic handling as much humidity.

The tunnel tractor, completely built in stainless steel, has self-alignment circuit of the conveyor belt,, rollers detachment, adjustable scraper cleaning bucket for collecting crumbs and synchronous speed user selectable to adapt the advancement of the tunnel belt to speed of the coating machine. .

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Installation dimensions

The called minimum configuration is a unit formed by each of the elements described above, which as shown in the images, and achieves a maximum length of 5705 mm with two tunnel modules 4 meters (2m cooling + 2m neutral).

Because the forward speed is variable and able to do in manual way (user determined by regulation) or automatic, adjusting speed to the enrobing belt that feeds, you can get a good drying with a configuration as described, although we reduce production based on the desired dryness.

With the use of a single refrigeration unit can feed two other modules neutral drying achieving a markedly increased ability to dispose of 8 meters chocolate cooling tunnel.
Obviously, as we increase length of tunnel with the same cooling unit will work at higher temperature to compensate with longer stays chilled product,essential solution according to qualities for chocolate.
From 4 tunnel modules must incorporate new refrigerated units so that in case of 10-16 meters of tunnel would be divided distributing system modules that are neutral with refrigeration equipment.


Our chocolate cooling tunnel is formed by the combination of four types of modules to get the minimum configuration of service and that we define in the order of placement in a typical installation.

Tunle de bañado de la bañadora de chocolate

Input module

Is supported on the cooling module and is to carry out the interconnection between chocolate enrobing belt and chocolate cooling tunnel .

At the tip near the enrober, the mechanisms are housed the alignment conveyor belt

Cooling module

Where is located the maneuver electrical equipment, the condensing unit with filters, evaporator defrost system and fan pressurization system.
The cooling unit consists of an air condensing unit of R404 and a forced air evaporator with cyclic disposal system frost with hot gas, microprocessor controlled, with temperature sensor and end defrost. Evaporator available pressure is channeled through ducts to the effect of supply and return to get the cold air recirculation tunnel.
The top of the cooling module has channeled the travel path of the conveyor belt in their way of go and return the lid supports for hydronic balancing, we allow access for cleaning the work area .

Módulo neutro

As its name suggests corresponds to an element of transit that channels air currents flow and return and supports the conveyor belt forward and return.
Like the refrigerated unit has a stainless steel frame that gets on top isolated pipeline elements covered by stainless steel lid hydraulically balanced.

Tensile modulus (drive modulus)

It is in charge for the translational movement applied to the conveyor belt made of food polyurethane,it has rollers and alignment mechanisms and to maintain tension in order to keep in service of the conveyor belt .
The design of this unit permits the automatic detachment of the pieces of chocolate, by the abrupt interruption of the path of the conveyor belt, forcing the parts transported off.
This unit also has the corresponding scrapers and box (drawer)collection of 'crumbs' of chocolate with access for cleaning. In our experience this reduces maintenance work on the machine without allowing it locks the drive system.
The whole is supported on stainless steel frame and adjustable alignment covers.

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Cooling Tunnel for chocolate 3M

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