Cream whipper MN16

The refrigerated cream whipper FRINATA MN16 achieves owing to its double cooling system giving to the cream a really white colour and extending its stability. This makes it possible to every pastry customizing its cream by controling the 5 parameters of the whipping:

    • The use of cold air during the whipping between 2/4ºC isolates the cream from the heating of the mixing (patented system).
    • Adjust the quantity of air insufflated.
    • Adjust the speed of agitation.
    • Allows to set the whipping time cycle.
    • The cream is maintained at the bucket between 2/4ºC during the whole working day.

    It allows productions from 4 to 14 litres of whipped cream and up to 16 litres of cream for musses.

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    The key parameters that determine the quality of the cream are regulated from the dashboard FRINATA MN16 allows easily regulate q:

    • speed agitation(whipping).
    • Air temperature.
    • Cold air quantity insuffled to the cream.
    • Turning on the desinfection system by ozone .
    Panel de la montadora de nata

    Agitator in horizontal axis

    The bucket's agitator whips the cream without heating the cream. Once this process is finished from the dashboard we can move the cream to put it out. Remove the agitator is really easy.

    Working in an horizontal axis let us getting the most homegeneous process of whipping fresh cream (up and down), in adition all aditives that you wish add are easy to mixing in the bucket (sugar, fruits, chocolate, truffle, different flavors or jellies for Musses, etc.).

    Nata semimontada

    Customizing your whipped fresh cream

    With FRINATA any of the parameters involved in the whipping process is capable of being adjusted. FRINATA MN8 allows regulate easily the whipping speed agitation and the air temperature

    Mezclado nata montada y chocolate

    Horizontal axis system, guarantee of homogeneity

    Unlike the rest of the machines available in the sector, as here we have horizontal axis agitation, FRINATA achieves a uniform mixture of whipped cream which blends perfectly with any type of additive which you care to add to the bucket(sugar, fruits, chocolate, truffle, etc.).

    The cream is stored inside the bucket refrigerated by contact at 2º/4ºC

    Once it has been whipped, the cream is stored inside the bucket refrigerated by contact at 2ºC and protected with a transparent lid of high visibility, isolating and protecting the product from any possible environmental contamination.

    Cuba con nata

    Cleaning process (hot water inlet)

    The hot water penetrates directly through the air pipes, cleaning the air circuit before entering into the bucket.

    By using the high speed of the agitator, the machines cleans up by itself.A simple and care system of cleaning with hot water allows to guarantee the obligatory diary hygiene of the machine and we can easily eliminate the residual cream that remains in the ducts.

    The machine offers optionally a desinfection system by ozone that guarantees a perfect sterilization of the machine.

    Adjusting air quantity

    The adjust of refrigerated air quantity system allows mesure and set up the air to introduce in every cream the quantity of air, depending on each use or the client's taste.

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Cream whipper MN16

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